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Image from Reverse Aging Now the Anti-Aging Medicine Video on DVD For books by the experts in this show click here and then on the participant's name.

These noteworthy anti-aging books were nearly all written by physicians in "Reverse Aging Now."

Eat Drink and Be Healthy, by Walter Willett, MD is a comprehesive look at the best in diet research by Chairman of the Nutrtion Department at the Harvard School of Public Health.



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Beyond the 120 Year Diet - How to Double Your Vital Years by Roy Walford, MD is a font of anti-aging science from the UCLA researcher.

The Anti-Aging Plan, includes the delicious recipes of Dr. Walford's daughter and collaborator Lisa Walford.

Real Age Michael Roizen, MD gives a throrough explanation of biomarkers and a comprehensive test for your biological age.

The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup, MD is an understanding exploration of the issues women face in mid-life

The Okinawa Program by Bradley Willcox, MD, et al. is a marvelous introduction to the world's longest lived people.