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  Grilled Fish by Jordan Hollinger

It's Summertime, and a great excuse to break out the grill. Here's a healthy recipe for four rich in essential nutrients and low in calories. For two, cut the quantities in half.

Be sure to prepare the charcoal early so that your grill burns down to coals prior to cooking. Remember to soak the corn in water a half hour before placing on the grill.

Yield 4 servings

Grilled Salmon

2 2/3 lb Salmon filets, skin on

4 cloves of garlic, fresh basil, one lemon

Be sure to choose wild salmon vs. farm raised . The fish is healthier. If you use frozen salmon, defrost over night in the refrigerator. Drizzle lemon over the salmon filets, crush garlic in a garlic press and mix with diced basil. Apply to salmon on the filet side. Place skin down on the grill. Grill until fish starts to turn milky and gets flaky, yet still moist, by testing in center of filet. Do not over cook. Time will vary depending on thickness of filet.

Calories per serving 273

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Grilled Vegetables

4 ears of Corn on the cob: Pull the husks down put don't pull them off. Tear off the corn silk and cut off the tips. Soak in cold water for 30 minutes prior to grilling. Pat dry and brush or spray lighly with olive oil. Slip the husks back and twist the ends together grille for 5-7 minutes turning to avoid scorching

2 Onions: Remove skin and cut into 1/2 slices as if you were making onion rings. Brush with oil and grill 3-4 minutes.

2 Red Peppers Slice the pepper from top to botton. Remove seeds, white interior ribs and stems. Spray or brush lightly with olive oil grill for 2-3 minutes per side.

4 Tomatoes Large Ripe tomatoes, cut in half spray or brush with olive oil, grill for 2-3 minutes

Calories per Serving 269 assuming no more than a tablespoon of olive oil per person

Corn by Diane Miller

For Desert

It's the time of year for a chilled fruit salad. In general you'll get a higher yield of anti-oxidants and better flavor if you ripen your fruits outside of the refrigerator, then put them it a few hours before serving

Heres a juicy, chilling taste delight bursting with flavor and anti-oxidants

1 Bunch of grapes
3 peaches
1 Cup of blueberries
1/2 a cantalope

Cut and cube catalope. Slice and remove pit from peaches. Remove stem for grapes, mix, and chill for at least an hour before serving.

Calories per serving 128

This meal is ideally complemented by a iced green tea sweetened with a touch of sucralose, sold as Splenda. Arizona Tea makes a tasty bottled version. This drink is rich in anti-oxidants and best of all -

Calories per serving - 0 !

Total Calories 670 - For comparison: A Big Mac with medium fries totals 910 calories.