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If you'd like to do more than make sandwiches from your leftover Easter ham, this recipe is healthful and satisfying. With three vegetables, a fruit, and two powerful seasonings it's a complete meal in a bowl.

1 cup roasted, diced ham
1 cup dried split peas
3 large sliced carrots
1/4 head of grated cabbage
2 cloves of diced garlic
1/2 cup of uncooked brown rice
1 cup of grape tomatoes
2 medium apples, cubed
4 teaspoons cinammon

Cinnamon has been shown to help regulate blood sugar while garlic can lower cholesterol while it fights viral infection.



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Put entire mixture into covered pot. Add enough water to cover plus 2 addtional cups. The more liquid you add, the more your mix will be a soup instead of a stew. Bring to a boil and simmer until the rice is tender, approximately 45 minutes. Be sure to check and stir periodically. Another option is to use a crock pot and let it simmer while you're at work.. Note: cooking time can be shortened by using parboiled brown rice. Adjust seasoning to taste. Serves 4 - Calories 435

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All recipes presented here have been kitchen tested by the producers of "Reverse Aging Now."

Our goal is to make healthy food tasty so that you can keep your diet high in nutrients and low in calories, the essence of the primary method of slowing aging.