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Juice by Edward WHB

Recipe for the Ultimate Anti-Aging Juice Preparation time and clean up – 15 minutes

Researchers are constantly learning more about the anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and anti-aging effects of fruits and vegetables. While the longest lived people in the world, the Okinawans, get an average of seven servings a day of fresh produce, Americans struggle to get the minimum of five recommended by the US Department of Agriculture. Juicing is a painless, easy way to get your daily dose. The key is designing a juice that is rich in variety, maximizing its nutrient composition while tasting great.

Because fruit and vegetable juices are filled with glucose, you should add fiber and protein so that your health drink is absorbed slowly, preventing a quick rise in blood sugar.

The following juice provides eleven different fruits and vegetables in one drink, from cruciferous cabbage to anti-oxidant laden berries and soy beans. The recipe for the ultimate anti-aging juice has been tinkered with and repeatedly field tested by this writer, and is a key part of his ongoing, successful weight loss program.

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Step 1- Buy a good juicer. You want one that is easy to clean, with relatively low rotations per minute to prevent foaming. Too much air whipped into fresh juice will rob it of nutrients. For enough power, buy one rated at least ½ a horsepower. To round out this juice, you’ll have to dust off your blender as well. We use a L'Equp 221 which comes with a 12 year warranty and outstanding customer support.

 Step 2 - Assemble the following ingredients, all medium size. Calorie counts are included next to each. Separate the items into ingredients bound for the blender and those for the juicer

Yield - 1 Serving 1 large shake or 2 medium shakes. Multiply ingredients accordingly.

Ingredients / Calories

For Juicer

  • 8 red cabbage leaves 57
  • 2 carrots 60
  • 1 tomato 22
  • 1 red pepper 43
  • 6 strawberries 23
  • 1 apple 72
  • 1 orange 62

For Blender

  • 1 stalk of celery 6
  • 1 banana 105
  • 10 grapes 34
  • 5 oz. pasteurized egg whites 75
  • 5 oz. silken soft tofu 83
  • 2 tbs. of wheat germ 50 - sold at large supermarkets
  • 4 oz. psyllium seed husk 34 - available at health food stores

Step 3 - Clean your produce thoroughly, scrubbing off dirt, cutting away any rot and stems, coring the apple and pepper and peeling the orange and banana. You can make an effective and inexpensive fruit and vegetable cleaning solution by adding an ounce of vinegar and one ounce of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water, placed in a pot. Swirl your produce in the liquid then rinse your fruits and vegetables in cold water. Cut into pieces small enough to fit into the hopper of your juicer.

Step 4 - Juice.

Step 5 - Pour the juice into your blender. Add the whole grapes, banana, celery, fiber, egg white and non-fat yogurt. Tofu can replace the egg white and yogurt, if you prefer. Remember, this step is essential in preventing a sugar rush followed by a crash. You don’t want to juice the grapes, because the skins are rich in resveratrol. In tests at Harvard Medical School, resveratrol has extended the lives of every organism fed it, including human cells in vitro. Blend until ingredients are mixed. If you prefer a sweeter juice, add more carrots and oranges.

Step 6 - Drink as soon as you prepare. Enjoy

This is a great way to start the day after your morning workout. As part of its cornucopia of nutrients, this drink provides 726 calories with 27 grams of protein.

  The protein and calorie profile is close to that for a McDonalds' Big Breakfast: 720 calories, 27 grams of protein, but while you’re getting a massive dose of phytochemicals, vitamins and other vital nutrients from the 11 different fruits and vegetables in the juice, contrast this with the ingredients of the Big Breakfast:  Eggs scrambled in trans fat; Pork sausage high in saturated fat; hash brown potato (the only vegetable) glued together and deep fried in trans fat; and a white flour and trans fat biscuit purged of wheat germ. Add an extra patty of trans fat bread spread for a whopping total of 46 grams of the worst artery clogging fat, 1,470 milligrams of salt and 555 mg of cholesterol.
Breakfast by Todd Ericksen

The ultimate anti aging juice has less than 6 grams of fat , all from natural plant sources 150 mg of salt and no cholesterol.

So what else do you need to eat the rest of your day? Protein and a small amount of essential fat - expect food suggestions about rounding out the remainder of your day's menu next month.