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01 08 13

It's amazing how much your life changes when you've lost a lot of weight. Everybody who has known me for any length of time has complimented me about how good I now look.

-Alex Garcia, Los Angeles

11 22 12

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving... I'm grateful for people like you.

-Dina Clare, Long Beach

07 15 12

I feel stronger and look better than I have for years thanks to your DVD.

-Bill White, San Antonio, TX

04 15 12

Now that taxes are done, I can get up to move. Looking forward to a new me with exercises your present.

-Barbara Price, Chicago, IL

11 11 11

Good work. I just hope I can restrict my calories over Thanksgiving.

-Leslie Carson, Atlanta, GA

10 9 11

If I had to draw one conclusion from watching this DVD it's that a whole bunch of little improvements can make a big difference. I don't plan to be doing marathons into my 80's, but if I can avoid the degenerative diseases that plagued my own parents, then the twenty bucks I spent for this was well worth it.

-William Yeret, Thousand Oaks, California

12 12 10

I must admit that I bought this DVD with a bit of scepticism, but after losign weight and having more energy, you've made me a convert, although I have to admit it's hard to practice calorie restriction this time of year.

-Jan Michaels, Boston, MA

5 21 10

The distinction between my prediction for being on this planet and my actual time spent here depends on a variety of health, variables and circumstances that prevail.If one practices various health awareness and life coachings it is possible to prolong an earlier termination. Prolonging of my life would have me, loving, and living my life more than just as a lucky charm.The presentation for “Reverse Aging Now” I attended was completely interesting and and unambiguous for the point of views of this production.I feel that these video segments were paginated very well, with excellent continuity.This presentation taught me to pay more attention to the teachings of this video.
Kudos to Paul Suchecki.

-Richard Mann, Venice, California

4 14 10

I'm really glad I had an opportunity to attend your lecture Paul.Your multimedia presentation was both interesting and informative.You were able to connect with the audience and explain how "Reverse Aging Now" can improve your health and longevity. This is a lecture everyone can benefit from.

- Brenda Varma , Woodland Hills, California

3 30 10

Thank you Paul for your enlightening and fun lecture on "Reversing Aging Now." I'm grateful that you interviewed top medical experts on the subject and translated it into a format that anyone can easily incorporate into their everyday life. I found your lecture very helpful, since I choose to maximize my quality of life for today and tomorrow. With health care costs so high your DVD should be required for every person alive today.

-Gail Priscilla Mills - Santa Monica, California

10 1 09

When I read the newsletter, I always learn something pertinent from it. I'm looking forward to seeing you on television.

- Brenda Varma, Woodland Hills, California

9 12 09


Good newsletter Keep up the good work Paul!

- Richard Mann, Venice, California

8 4 09

Hi Paul,

My grandmother ate chocolate every day and lived to be 98! She also enjoyed ice cream every Sunday,never had a weight problem and was never sick.She also was very active.Enjoy the comfort food,everything in moderation.....anyone who can post a picture of themselves in a bathing suit must be doing something right...

- Brenda Varma, Woodland Hills, California

6 8 09

Bravo, the May/June newsletter is well written and certainly addresses critical issues facing our country.  When I worked for my last employer, although I only managed the administrative side of the business I had the good fortune of being surrounded by policy analysts and other healthcare professionals, many with MPH degrees, who worked tirelessly to improve the healthcare system in Massachusetts.  Yes, the Bay State has impacted the lives of many who previously survived without health insurance.  Sadly to say, much work is still needed to overhaul the system.

- Nancy Strazulla, Braintree, MA

6 4 09

Paul -

You are doing a fantastic job with this newsletter and video series! Congratulations on your continued success!

- Ron Hudson, Los Angeles

3 16 09

Thank you for keeping me informed.

- Dr. Habtnesh Ezra, Los Angeles

1 11 09

Hi Paul,

Newsletter is Great! The memory issue is a tad scary for those of us who have a sweet tooth. Guess, I'll have to start being good for a change! Amazing to think of the numerous steps we take to maintain good health and some sense of longevity.

- Nancy Strazzulla, Braintree, MA

1 11 09

Great newsletter Paul,

Although I prefer not to drink coffee, a little lime, Stevia, soda water and some ice is my home drink of choice. I finally joined a gym. 

Keep up the good work,
- Richard Mann, Venice, CA

12 03 08

Well, Paul, thanks... I was fortunate with Thanksgiving – I lost one pound!

 - Marguerite Jorgensen, Santa Monica, CA

11 26 08

Nice newsletter! I've been taking Simvistatin for over a year and my cholesterol went down to 225 from 470, and everything being normal except my triglycerides which is over 375 now (my doctor suggests to double omega-3's) after 2 1/2 months of strict diet being no: animals (anything with a sugar or sweets, sodium or salt, fats, complex carbos, and a regiment of supplements, coq 10, and a colon cleanse, I lost 22 lbs and feel very excellent. …depressions sometimes occur…While I'm aware of many therapies for depression, I prefer music, art, meditation, relaxation, internalizing, deep breathing, exercising, good nutrition, and listening to and helping others resolve their issues. " Living is a survival test, confidence and perseverance are the keys!" I'm 64 now and, I've been through some of the ropes. Our lives are not perfect. An Old Persian poem depicts the empathy we should all remember, by stating: "I once complained about having no shoes . . . until I met someone who has no legs"

- Richard Mann, Venice, California


Interesting information....childhood obesity is now recognized by the schools as a serious problem....I see it all the time ...

Re-growing teeth research with stem cells I had not heard of....I know UC Irvine is working with limb regeneration but it is only at the animal experimental stage....

Now anti-aging...that's something we're all interested in.....thanks for the newsletter

- Brenda Varma, Woodland Hills, California

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09 23 08

It's good advice that we all should follow

- Janet Hohn, New York City

06 28 08

Caffeine may help protect from uvb rays. In addition, high protein diets take a terrible toll on the kidneys and bones...

- Kaaren Douglas, MD Los Angeles


Inspiration that we can stay younger longer.

- Herbert Williams, New York


I used to have trouble dragging myself up and awake in the morning but since I started taking the L-Arginine suggested in "Reverse Aging Now" I practically bound out of bed. Thanks to increasing my protein, my hair has gotten thicker too.

- Carolisa Pomerantz, Hollywood, CA



The web site looks great!  Glad all is going so well for you.  Keep up the great work.

- Nancy Strazzulla, Braintree, MA


How can I get involved with your next project? I'm a 68 yr-old working defense electronics engineer with a heavy background in anti-aging and senior fitness. Great video.

- Frank Wilhelmi


I am very much interested. Thank you so much. I specialize in gerentology.

- Dr. Habtnesh Ezra, Los Angeles

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Great knowing that we can turn things around, then slow aging down.

- Leon Turner, Atlanta, GA


I like your diet/get in shape story. I was 265lbs a few years ago. BP crawling up, cholesterol already up. Now 210. BP and cholesterol like a kid again. All proper eating and lots of exercise...Good for us!

- Jeffrey Lezberg, Los Angeles


Wow, that is sweet. Congratulations on your Telly Award.

-Tim Langford, Los Angeles


I've seen your DVD now three or four times. It's a great reminder about what to follow for a healthy lifestyle.

-Rich Mann, Venice, CA

02 26 07

I enjoyed the information very much.

-Lidia Paice Waltrous, SK Canada

Image from Reverse Aging Now the Anti-Aging Medicine Video on DVD


Great tips to overcome the ill effects of holiday overindulgence. I look forward to a younger me in 2007

-Nick Smythe, Omaha, NE


This was an awesome Christmas gift. I guess my husband plans to keep me around.

- Mary Easter, Boulder, CO


It's so much easier to add red wine to my diet than restrict calories, but with all the anti aging benefits your video discusses, I'm ready to give it a shot. Damn. Why couldn't there be a magic pill? Maybe in the sequel? Still, I was impressed more by the ordinary people you interviewed than the experts. They are living the kind of fruitful lives into their later years that many of us only dream of.

- Bobbi White, Houston, TX


Although people employing your methods will have a better sex life, I wish you had stressed the healing power of good sex as way to keep people feeling younger. It works for me!

- Jack Kendall, San Francisco

Image from Reverse Aging Now the Anti-Aging Medicine Video on DVD


Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It's inspirational to learn that the aches and pains of aging can be modified by relatively simple lifestyle changes that are in the reach of almost everybody. I didn't realize how important a solid social life was to reverse aging until I watched your video. It gives me hope. As a single divorced mother in her forties, I know that competition for a life companion is fierce, but armed with the anti aging pointers you provide, I fully expect to at least have a shot at meeting my soul mate. Thanks for this video.

- Sarah Feinstein, New York, NY


Although people employing your methods will have a better sex life, I wish you had stressed the healing power of good sex as way to keep people feeling younger. It works for me!

- Jack Kendall, San Francisco


I got this for my 45th birthday. Maybe next year I'll start counting backwards. Anti aging forever!

- James Mankiewicz, Buffalo, NY

Image from Reverse Aging Now the Anti-Aging Medicine Video on DVD


I found the biological age tests in the Longevity Workbook to be particularly useful. Unfortunately, even though I'm younger in years than my girlfriend, she scored younger biologically. I've got a lot of aging to reverse.

- Leon Shapiro Newark, NJ


It's good to see you debunking methods that don't work.

- Steve Mattingly Boston, MA


I only wish I had found this anti-aging video ten years ago.

- Laura Jenks Denver, CO

06 -1-06

What a bargain!! Thanks to you, instead of Viagra I'm now using L-Arginine at $23 a pound. I feel 17 again!

- George Jameson, Fresno, CA

05 -26-06

You show made veggies look really cool - fruit too. Saw Supersize Me and between you and that Spurlock dude, I don't know how much more I'll be stopping at Mickey Dees.

- Bill Jones, FL



Man oh man, all those years when I wanted butter and thought I was doing good by eating margarine? Thanks for the 411.

- James B. Jackson, Chicago, IL


Your show made sense. I've finally resolved to take off the weight. I've been following your diet, paying attention to everything I eat and have tried to break my emotional attachment to comfort food. I've also noticed that every time I watch TV commercials I get hungry, whether I've eaten or not, so I'm trying to watch more PBS and HBO and get more exercise as a way to feel better. Just walking does make a difference. I live in a beautiful woodsy area and now that the weather is finally warming up, I've actually started to lose a little weight for the first time in years.

- Stephanie Browder, Scotia, NY


I just purchased your anti-aging DVD online. Congratulations on the project. I am from Harvard College '69 and also spent some time at the Loeb, but actually majored in Biochemical Sciences. I am also involved in Anti-Aging [with] our H-SCAN functional age test system.

- Elliott Small, Washington, DC