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Reverse Aging News Summer Issue Ready for Bathing Suit Season? Cut Your Cancer Risk in Half, Health Benefits of Exercise Video

Reverse Aging News Spring Issue Loneliness and social isolation can kill

Reverse Aging News Winter Issue Beware of Holiday Weight Gain, Early Alzheimer's Detection Found with MRIs

Reverse Aging News Autumn Issue High blood pressure study shows positive effect of striving for lower numbers, Smoking is No Longer Cool, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fights Breast Cancer

Reverse Aging News Summer Issue Biological Age vs. Chronological Age, New Research Is Eye Opening, For a Longer Life, Get More Exercise,To Stick with an Exercise Program, Do Something You Enjoy.

Reverse Aging News Spring Issue Anti-Aging Drug Shows Promise,Everolimus, Derivative of Rapamycin, Tested in Humans, It's Time to Get Outside and Exercise, to Shed Those Winter Pounds

Reverse Aging News Winter Issue Laughter Is Great Medicine, Fritz Coleman Stand-up Comic Turn Video, Young Blood Age Reversal Named a Breakthrough of the Year, Senior Discounts

Reverse Aging News Holiday Issue American Life Expectancy reaches all time high, Beware of Holiday Weight Gain, Early Alzheimer's Detection Found with MRIs

Reverse Aging News September / October Low-carbohydrate Diet Beats Low-fat for Weight Loss, Five Servings a Day for Fruits and Vegetables Are Optimal, Middle-aged High Blood Pressure Linked to Cognitive Decline

Reverse Aging News Summer 2014 Sun damage prevention edition

Reverse Aging News June 2014 Tooth Decay Can End Today with Xylitol, Ritalin Boosts Self-Control

Reverse Aging News May 2014 Young Blood Reverses Aging Symptoms, To Fight Flab, Rise Early and Chase Sunshine, A Hormone Connected to Longevity Makes Brains Perform Better

Reverse Aging News April 2014 Diabetes Cure – Severe Step Works

Reverse Aging News March 2014 Blood Test Will Predict Alzheimer’s Disease

Reverse Aging News February 2014 Confused about supplements?

Reverse Aging News Holidays 2013 Cholesterol Confusion as Holiday Eating Peaks, Eating Nuts May Reduce the Risk of Death, Superfoods for Winter

Reverse Aging News November 2013 Watch out for Holiday Weight Gain, All Olive Oils Are Not Equal

Reverse Aging News October 2013 Obamacare registration begins. Why is it so good for older people?

Reverse Aging News September 2013 Diana Nyad, 64, Endures 110 Mile Ocean Swim across the Florida Strait, Memory Molecule Linked to Senior Moments , Depression Can Contribute to Dementia, The Mediterranean Diet Has Been Shown to Put a Brake on Cognitive Decline

Reverse Aging News July / August 2013 Is it Possible to be Addicted to Food?, Obesity is Now Classified as a Disease, Five Minute Fruit Salad

Reverse Aging News June 2013 Diet Choices for Good Cholesterol, Magnesium Cuts Risk of Heart Disease, Brown Rice Beats White Rice, Brown Rice and Lentils

Reverse Aging News May 2013 Even Moderate Exercise Can Directly Affect Longevity, Fecal Bacteria Infects Most Ground Turkey

Reverse Aging News April 2013 Diet Choices for Good Cholesterol

Reverse Aging News March 2013 Coffee and Tea Cut Stroke Risk

Reverse Aging News February 2013 Mediterranean Diet Cuts Stroke and Heart Disease Risk by Nearly a Third

Reverse Aging News Hollidays 2012 Merry Hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Christmas, Keep an Eye on Holiday Weight Gain, Moderate Exercise Found to Maximize Weight Loss, Controversial New Mammogram Study Leads to Confusion, Study Blames High Fructose Corn Syrup for Diabetes Explosion Worldwide

Reverse Aging News Fall 2012 New Calorie Restriction Study Fuels Longevity Debate, Correlation Found Between Egg Yolk Consumption and Artery Thickening, Apple Skins Could be a New Super food, Chicken Kebabs

Reverse Aging News August 2012 PSA Testing Debate, Alzheimer's Disease Hope

Reverse Aging News July 2012 Sitting can kill you, tips to counteract the ill effects of sedentary work.

Reverse Aging News June 2012 Bathing Suit Season exercise video

Reverse Aging News Aprl-May 2012 Letting Go of Regret is a Key to Healthy Aging, Is Chicken a Healthier Food Choice?, How Much Better is a More Demanding Workout?,Running Doesn't Ruin Your Knees,Stretching Tip

Reverse Aging News March 2012 Daily Red Meat Can Kill You, A Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables Makes You Look Better, Now that spring is here, Take a Hike

Reverse Aging News February 2012 Battling Breast and Prostate Cancer, Cold Weather Workout Tips, Carolisa's Cholesterol Busting Crunch

Reverese Aging News January 2012 Make Your New Year's Resolutions Work, Set more realistic goals, Move, to work your body, Be patient with yourself, Don't succumb to the January Blues, Reverse Aging.TV adds "Improving Your Intuition" to its line up of anti-aging documentaries.

Belief at the Holidays December 2011 We wish everyone a healthy and loving celebration. Sex Is a Key To Happy Aging, "Fit for Sex - the Exercise Guide for Lovers," Walking Speed Emerges as Longevity Indicator

Reverse Aging News Fall 2011 How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner, New anti-aging video Website Launches: ReverseAging.TV

Reverse Aging News Spring 2011 - Aging Reversed in Mice, A Baby Aspirin a Day Fights Cancer Tool CT Scans are a Lifesaver for Smokers, Stem Cells Are Enlisted to Fight Macular Degeneration, Diabetes Projections Are Grim, Smoking in Mid Life Doubles Alzheimer's Risk

Reverse Aging News Winter 2010-2011 Life's Simple Seven-Guide to Heart Health, How to Handle Holiday Overindulgence, Quiet Health Care Changes Can Have a Big Impact, Natural Remedy Lowers Blood Pressure, Clean Air Leads to a Longer Life, Excessive Cell Phone Use Correlates with Increase Tumor Risk, Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones: Reverse Aging Now DVD.

Reverse Aging News September / October 2010 Good Social Life Is a Longevity Factor, Sun Protection Guide, Cataract Surgery Can Improve More than Clouded Lenses,Calcium Supplement Picture Unclear

Reverse Aging News May / June 2010 Nearly Half of US Adults Have Major Risk Factors for Heart Disease, Sugar Blamed for Cholesterol and Triglyceride Elevation, High Fructose Corn Syrup Weight Gain, Salt Limits Urged, Chocolate and Depression, Omega-3 Fatty Acids Differ in Effect, : Ham and Pea Cinnamon Apple Stew

Reverse Aging News March/ April 2010 Free anti-aging lecture, health costs soar in US, aspirin can prevent breast cancer recurrence, calorie restriction's anti-aging success in monkeys, soy helps reduce breast cancer, air pollution's multiple ill health effects, colorectal cancer increase

Reverse Aging News January / February 2010 Healthy chocolate choices for St. Valentine's Day., CT Scan radiation hazard, low sodium stand-ins, sitting can kill, smoking ban reduces heart attacks for all, Pycnogenol

Reverse Aging News September / October 2009 Cardiac arrest first aid, "Reverse Aging Now" producers appear on "Aging in LA," Red yeast rice lowers cholesterol, buckwheat, beware of cleansing claims, cherry juice relieves muscle aches, Vitamin D deficiency, hormone replacement linked to lung cancer, fish oil grat for heart health.

Reverse Aging News July / August 2009 Fat's social cost, Women's Belly Fat linked to Early Death, How to Fight Obesity, Seaweed Melts Fat - how to add it to your diet, Resveratrol hype, Camomile as a sleep aid, Will Chewing Gum Help Weight Loss?

Reverse Aging News May / June 2009 Special issue on health care reform, with video

Reverse Aging News March / April 2009 Alzheimer Disease Patients show pronounced middle aged memory loss; cyclists risk bone density depletion; black raspberries health properties; more good news about coffee; stem cell ban lifted; stem cells cure AIDS; How spouses aid weight loss; genetic engineering produces "pharm" animals.

Reverse Aging News January / February 2009 Spikes in Blood Sugar Can Worsen Your Memory. Lean muscle mass helps fight cancer. Followers of a low glycemic diet are better at controlling Type 2 diabetes than those adhering to a traditional anti-diabetic high fiber diet. Getting enough sleep can reduce artery calcification. Twenty healthy foods for less than a dollar.

Reverse Aging News November / December 2008 Children with the arterial health of 45 year olds, holiday eating tips, analysis of the statin study on cholesterol, a look at Jaime Moyer, 47,the oldest active major league player, how stem cells might help re grow teeth..

Reverse Aging News September / October 2008
Promising anti-aging supplement, osteoporosis confusion, Indian Summer Soup, HIV threat growing for seniors.

Reverse Aging News Summer 2008 Bathing Suit Season Video, Melanoma, Vitamin D's role in heart attack prevention, Niacin's natural role in lowering cholesterol, how cruciferous vegetables fight cancer.

Reverse Aging News May 2008 Handling Hypertension naturally; Vitamin D deficiency a factor in breast cancer; higher dose of vegetable consumption urged; saving money on organic foods; raw vegetables fall short; resveratrol reaches the big time.

Reverse Aging News April 2008 Take a Hike video, Nuts Over Coconut, BPA to be Considered a Toxin, Coffee's Picture Clouds, Willpower Limit

Reverse Aging News March 2008 Scientists Create Beating Heart in Lab, FDA on Compounding Pharmacy Hormones, Vigorous Exercise Staves Off Aging, Artificial Sweeteners, Middle Aged Depression

Reverse Aging News February 2008 Superfoods video, How to Increase Longevity by 14 years, Vytorin called into question, Higher Costs to Health Eating

Reverse Aging News January 2008 Meet the Producers of "Reverse Aging Now" video. Anti-Aging Diary Celebrates First Anniversary, Good News on Resveratrol, How Fish Oil Can Help Fight Senile Dementia

Reverse Aging News June 2007 "Reverse Aging Now" wins 2007 Telly Award for Outstanding Health and Fitness Television Documentary.

Reverse Aging News February 2007 Superdrinks video, new hunger free juice diet that took off 20 lbs in six weeks, with proof shown on Anti-AgingDiary.com

Reverse Aging News January 2007 See without Glasses video, Winter Stew Recipe