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 reverse aging now anti aging dvd


As shown in the award winning documentary "Reverse Aging Now," to best take charge of how you age, you should adopt a multi-targeted approach involving diet, exercise, mental stimulation, spiritual orientation and social networking. Despite their best efforts scientists have yet to package youth serum in a pill. However, pairing a couple of supplements recommended by two of the physicians in "Reverse Aging Now," has produced some promising results.

Julian Whitaker, MD of the Whitaker Wellness Institute has long urged his patients to take supplements of L-carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid building block of protein.

Dancing Age Away by Paul M. J. Suchecki

In his practice, Dr. Whitaker found that by prescribing it for heart patients he could get them to exercise without angina, chest pain. It also reduced cholesterol levels and lowered blood pressure. He recommends taking 2 500 milligram doses of L-carnitine a day. L-carnitine is also available as Acetyl-L-Carnitine, ALCAR, which adds an acetyl chain to the molecule to enhance the substance's bio availability

Nicholas Perricone, MD is a long time advocate of taking Alpha Lipoic Acid, ALA, a powerful anti-oxidant which he uses both topically in his practice as a dermatologist and prescribes internally as a supplement. 300-600mg a day seems to be an effective dose.

Combining these two substances seems to produce a powerful synergistic effect because they help rejuvenate the mitochondria of the cells, which as you remember from high school biology are the cells' power houses.

Researchers at UC Berkeley have showed that by feeding both supplements to aging rats, the rodents had more energy. In an upcoming paper Gjumrakch Aliev, MD, PhD, a researcher into Alzheimer's Disease at the University of Texas at San Antonio, shows that rats with a condition similar to Alzheimer's Disease improved their learning ability with a combination of ALA and ALCAR. Pills are never a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, however as a service to it's readers, Reverse Aging News is making these supplements available in an easy to take twice a day pill called Juvenon. Click here to order.

 reverse aging now anti aging dvd  

Indian Summer Soup. We've had this delicious low calorie nutritious beet soup recipe posted on our web site all summer. It's called Chlodnik, from a traditional Suchecki family recipe. You can still expect a couple of hot days before fall gives way to frost, so try it as a refreshing alternative to gazpacho. Beets are high in folic acid, essential for red blood cell production, potassium, for kidney function, calcium for bone health and antioxidants like betacyanin, which gives beets their rich, red color.

Confusing news emerged this past week about osteoporosis: that we shouldn't worry about it until we are older. Let's set the record straight. Osteoporosis is a disorder in which the bones become increasingly porous, brittle, and vulnerable to fracture due to loss of calcium and other minerals. Risk factors include being female, white, older, post menopausal, small and physically inactive. The treatment recommendations have changed in two ways. First, that bone density testing be done later in healthy individuals, 65 in women and 70 in men.  reverse aging now anti aging dvd
Osteoperotic bone

People with additional risk factors, such as a possible genetic predisposition for the disease, broken bones, tobacco smoking, heavy alcohol or use of steroids, should get a bone-density scan at 60.

Bisphosphonates, the anti-osteoporosis drugs of choice, should be started later in life. Bones go through a cycle of destruction and rebuilding. Bisphosphonates like Fosomax, interfere with the body's resorption of bone. Since this prescription medication has been aggressively marketed to middle aged women, dentists have found increased signs of jaw bone disease in those taking the drugs. Nobody is sure why. Doctors are now urging that bisphosphonate use be started later.

Osteoperosis can be a serious condition. In extreme cases, it can cause people to become permanently bedridden. Both men and women can help forestall osteoporosis by eating diets rich in calcium, or calcium supplements while doing weight bearing exercises.

reverse aging now anti aging dvd  

With the crisp days of fall barely upon us, this is the best time of year to resolve to take charge of your aging. Learn how with the 2007 Telly Award Winning feature length documentary, "Reverse Aging Now." Each DVD includes an Interactive Longevity Workbook with over 100 pages of material for you to track your progress. This is not science fiction. It is fact. You can reverse aging's signs and symptoms.

To see how one middle aged man is applying these principles to his own life, go to Anti-Aging Diary.com Anti-aging is a mental as well as physical journey. This month's diary entry features some underwater photography from Santa Catalina Island.


Thanks to a better understanding of erectile dysfunction and the ready availability of remedies, for the first time people moving into the second half of their lives are at increased risk for HIV infection. The problem is greatest among those who didn't have to worry about exposure when they were last single. The dating world has changed since, with an increased risk from all sexually transmitted diseases. If you are not in a long term monogamous relationship, be sure to practice safe sex. HIV infection in the United States has been undercounted for the last ten years. As many as a quarter million people in the US are HIV+ and don't know. The risk factors for HIV transmission include having sex with men, catching either a sexually transmitted disease or tuberculosis, and using intravenous drugs. If you’ve done any of these, you should get tested for HIV and immediately treated if needed.

reverse aging now anti aging dvd

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