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by 28th Telly Awards
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Checkmate Pictures has just won a 2007 Telly Award for its feature length documentary, “Reverse Aging Now,” television’s most comprehensive look at the science of anti-aging medicine, available on DVD from www.ReverseAgingNow.com. The win in the television health and fitness category is the first time that Checkmate Pictures has received the prestigious award. For 28 years the Telly Awards has honored outstanding local, regional, and cable television programs and commercials.


The Telly Awards has been showcasing the best video and film work of production companies, cable networks, ad agencies, and video departments since its creation in 1978.

Each year the Telly Awards receives more than 10,000 entries from all 50 states and many foreign countries. A small minority wins


“I am gratified that our hard work has been recognized. The challenge in this production was separating myth from science, while staying open to new anti-aging possibilities,” said Paul M. J. Suchecki. the writer / producer of “Reverse Aging Now ”

“I’m pleased to know that our society has finally accepted anti-aging as legitimate; and people are embracing it as their new reality. ” added Carolisa Pomerantz, the show’s Associate Producer.

"Reverse Aging Now” is unique. No other documentary has looked at anti-aging medicine as thoroughly. Every DVD includes a free longevity workbook with more than a hundred pages of supplemental material for viewers to track their own anti-aging efforts.

But does it work? For reality, not theory, go to Anti-AgingDiary.com to learn how to kick start your anti-aging efforts by a healthy loss of 20 lbs in six weeks.

Visit www.ReverseAgingNow.com to turn back your clock, with a series of free on-line videos including how to look your best for bathing suit season, delicious low calorie health recipes, and a library of anti-aging literature.

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