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How to Increase Longevity by Fourteen Years

According to a recent study of 20,244 people in the online British Medical Journal PLos, adopting just four simple changes in behavior can increase longevity by as much as fourteen years:

  • Keeping physically active
  • not smoking,
  • drinking moderately and
  • eating five servings a day of fruits and vegetables

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Men and women in the University of Cambridge study ranged in age from 45-79 and were tracked from 1993-2006. Dr. Kay-Tee Khaw, the study's lead author admitted that adopting a healthy lifestyle can seem daunting.


"Doing something is better than nothing," she concluded, "and the more changes you can make, the better." As Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard Medical School told us in the anti-aging DVD "Reverse Aging Now" " Making just small lifestyle changes can produce a significant health improvement."

100 Million in advertising dollars don't make it so. Have you seen those perky TV ads claiming that Vytorin was effective against two sources of cholesterol, food and family? Vytorin is a combination of Zocor, a cholesterol-lowering statin, with Zetia, a drug that limits cholesterol’s absorption into the body. The drug's maker, Merck and Schering-Plough in January slipped the results of a new study into a press release, instead of a peer reviewed medical journal: Vytorin did lower cholesterol but did not slow the growth of plaque in the arteries, any better than Zocor alone.

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Scientists speculate that for an effective two pronged attack on plaque, a major cause of heart attack and stroke, they might need to focus on raising healthy HDL levels as well. The doctors in Reverse Aging Now all advocate dietary change as the first step in fighting high cholesterol. As Richard Fleming, MD told us, 'You shouldn't try to fix a problem caused by putting something into your mouth, by putting something else into your mouth." Cholesterol medication is the world's largest drug category with sales of $40 billion a year.

"Reverse Aging Now,” is television’s most comprehensive look at anti-aging medicine. It’s available on DVD from www.ReverseAgingNow.com. The 2007 Telly Award Winning Documentary analyzes aging through the eyes of two dozen scientists and doctors from America's foremost educational and medical institutions including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, UCSF, USC, Cedars Sinai Medical Center et al. As a bonus, each DVD includes a Free Longevity Workbook.

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New Study Finds Healthy Eating Does Cost More

University of Washington researchers compared the cost per calorie of 370 foods sold in Seattle area supermarkets. They learned that healthy foods are significantly more expensive. Junk food prices are also less like to rise due to inflation. The findings were reported in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The results could explain why the highest rates of obesity today now correlate in the United States with people who have the lowest incomes.

Although fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients they are low in calories, perfect for the calorie restricted longevity diet that Dr. Roy Walford espouses in the anti-aging DVD "Reverse Aging Now "

Food with the most energy per gram include candy, baked goods, pastries and other snacks. In the study, researchers found that junk food cost an average of $1.76 per 1000 calories while low cal nutritious food ran $18.16 per 1,000 calories.

Vegetables by Mette Finderup

This study simply looked at the short term cost, and did not factor in any longer term medical expenses such as buying prescription medication to protect from a growing risk of heart attack, cancer and stroke.

Anti-Aging Diary.com continues, now well into its second year. For a bit of inspiration, read how one man is continuing to apply the principles of age reversal in "Reverse Aging Now" and succeeding. It's not alway a smooth road, but shows that taking charge of your own aging is possible. Last year, he lost 35 pounds, took seven years off his biological age while slicing 25 minutes from his time in the Malibu Triathlon of five years before. For the blog and photos, go to Anti-Aging Diary.com

Next month: We look at tissue engineering and startling news that scientists are on the verge of growing replacement organs for humans. Reverse Aging News c. 2008 Checkmate Pictures - Paul M. J. Suchecki, Editor

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