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  Anti-AgingDiary.com Celebrates First Anniversary

Happy New Year! It's time for New Year's Resolution inspiration. Exactly one year ago, a middle aged man looked in the mirror and realized that he was aging too quickly. Now was the time to take control. His success at reversing his biological age is documented at Anti-AgingDiary.com

Through 2007, Paul Suchecki, writer / producer of the 2007 Telly Award Winning "Reverse Aging Now,” adopted the principals of age reversal outlined in his feature length documentary.


The dramatic photos and documented medical improvements speak for themselves. He lost 35 pounds, sliced 7 years off his biological age, and 25 minutes from his time in the Malibu Triathlon of 5 years before. These are concrete, verifiable anti-aging results– great news for America’s 76 million baby boomers.

Click here for the quick weight loss diet Paul Suchecki used for a healthy drop of 20 lbs in 6 weeks.

"Reverse Aging Now,” is television’s most comprehensive look at anti-aging medicine. It’s available on DVD from www.ReverseAgingNow.com. The documentary analyzes aging through the science of biochemistry, evolution, and genetics by two dozen scientists and doctors from America's foremost educational and medical institutions including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, UCSF, USC, Cedars Sinai Medical Center et al. As a bonus, each DVD includes a Free Longevity Workbook.

The latest addition to our free on line videos is an interview with Paul Suchecki and Carolisa Pomerantz, the producers of “Reverse Aging Now.”

More evidence is mounting at Harvard Medical School that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, slows the aging process. According to Professor David Sinclair large doses of resveratrol helped obese mice live as long as normal mice. They ran longer on a treadmill and the molecule seemed to prevent several diseases of aging. Human cells in vitro last longer too. Although there is no recommended dose yet for people, we are making resveratrol available for the first time through Reverse Aging Now.com . Of course you could simply drink more red wine.

In "Reverse Aging Now" Barry Sears, PhD, creator of The Zone Diet, touts fish oil as the single best supplement that most people should add to their diets. It's credited with promoting a healthy heart by maintaining cardiac rhythm, also with contributing to brain functionality. Until now nobody knew why. According to Gregory Cole, PhD Professor of Neurology at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine, the mental protection comes from DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil.

DHA increases a brain protein called LR11 which seems to erode the toxic plaques that contribute to Alzheimer's disease. In autopsies, Alzheimer's patients have lower than normal levels of LR11. Dr. Cole speculated that increasing the protein is what helps counteract the disease. To test the theory his team simulated Alzheimer's in mice. DHA worked as expected. The UCLA scientists then added DHA to human cells in vitro. Again LR 11 levels increased. In "Reverse Aging Now" Dean Ornish, MD urges patients to take three grams of fish oil per day. Fish oil supplements are now available for the first time through Reverse Aging Now.com

Of course you could simply eat more fish. Here's an easy grilled salmon recipe.


Next month watch our new free on line video "Superfoods."

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